Severne FGO (Foil)
Severne FGO (Foil) i gruppen Vindsurfing / Segel / Nya segel 2021/2022 hos Surfspot Sweden AB (4027210001005m)
Severne FGO (Foil)

Severne FGO (Foil)

FGO kombinerar brett vindregister med lätt känsla. Perfekt både för lätta ock tunga seglare. Detta segel är också officell entypslasssegel för IQfoil Junior vilket gör att de har extra bra andrahandsvärden. Mer information
Artnr: 4027210001005m
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    • The Severne IQfoil FoilGlide Olympic (FGO) is derived from the regular Severne FoilGlide (model 2021) and is specially developed for the IQFoil youth class. In the FGO there are more reinforcements because of the more intensive use of these sails by the athletes compared to the use by the recreational windfoilen. This sail has the following reinforcements compared to the regular Foil Glide (model 2021);

      • protection strips on the lower sail batten
      • extra protection (kevlar strips) on the seams at the bottom of the sail
      • extra reinforcements on the mast sleeve at the cambers
      • and the bottom panel is from X-ply instead of just monofilm.

      The FGO's are therefore fractionally heavier than the regular Severne Foilglides. The difference is about 200 to 250 grams. As with the regular FoilGlide, weight saving, handling and stability are the most important aspects that have been taken into account when developing this sail. For the IQfoil youth class you sail this sail with a Severne IQfoil blue line RDM mast. The Severne FGO is available in 3 sizes; 5.0m2, 6.0m2 and 7.0m2.

      For those who want to develop further, the purchase of a specific wind foil sail is very desirable. This sail ensures that with even less wind you can already rise and much more stable (read more natural posture) you can wind foil. This sail has the same weight as a light wavesail! This sail is meant to be free-racing or racing. This sail is also ideal for kids who want to develop further.

      Lightweight & soft

      Everything has been done to keep this sail as light as possible. The weight is similar to that of a wave sail! The sail has relatively little haler tension which makes the sail feel very soft. This makes it very easy to get into a plane. The sail rotates (when using an RDM mast) almost as easily as a sail without cambers.

      Stable & short boom

      By keeping the boom as short as possible with the 3-cams, a very stable sail is created. The sail has virtually no lose leach, which provides a lot of power with little wind. The cambers ensure that even with little wind the profile remains beautiful in the sail.

      IQfoil class sail

      The lightweight FGO 5m2, 6m2 and 7m2 sails with strong reinforcements in vital areas, cover a wide weight range, wind range and comes from Severne Sails’ world-leading development program.

      The FGO offers huge trimming range, excellent cam rotation and reinforcements in vital stress areas.
      The FGO works great on foil and fin.

      The lightweight RDM Blue mast has a 90% carbon content for extra durability and optimum reflex.
      The boom is a V grip design aluminium monocoque design – perfect for smaller hands. 40% stiffer than a traditional round aluminium boom and with unmatched durability.

      The U17 division can use the 5.0, 6.0 or 7.0 (up to two sizes) so depending on your weight and skill you will be able to choose the right sail size for you.

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