Severne Fox v2 2021 (Freeride) i gruppen Vindsurf / Brädor / Freeride och Freerace hos Surfspot Sweden AB (sevfoxv2)
Severne Fox v2 2021 (Freeride)
Severne Fox v2 2021 (Freeride)
Severne Fox v2 2021 (Freeride)
Severne Fox v2 2021 (Freeride)
Severne Fox v2 2021 (Freeride)
Severne Fox v2 2021 (Freeride)
Severne Fox v2 2021 (Freeride)
Severne Fox v2 2021 (Freeride)
Severne Fox v2 2021 (Freeride)
Severne Fox v2 2021 (Freeride)

Severne Fox v2 2021 (Freeride)

Vill du ha ha en riktigt rolig och alert bräda som ger 100% kontroll även i choppigga vatten. Då är Fox något för dig. Lite smalare outline och extremt V under brädan ger maximal kontroll och komfort oavsätt underlag. När andra brottas med choppen kommer du bara blasta vidare. Premiumbygge i CMC teknologi (Compression Molded Compisit). Sandwich med Glasfiber och Bambu och färstärkt med kolfiber på rails, tail, nos och under hälarna. 

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      Without limits or convention, we set out to build our own ideal board for everyday blasting. Making the most of the real world rough so many of us spend so much time enjoying. A versatile, rangy board; a modern take on some classic concepts, without too much concession to fashion. Dominated by exaggerated forward V, concaves and beveled rails, the Fox splits chop mercilessly while retaining comfort and critical directional reactivity at high speed. Play it rough. Unlike the harsh, locked in ride of flatter bottom profiles, at high speeds the Fox slices through chop under high power with sniper like accuracy. Maintaining length delivers longitudinal stability, critical for rough water security and confidence; unprecedented downwind blasting over chop is enhanced by a generous diamond nose area. If the action stops, both features also help get you through lulls (or back home) easier. Continuous rocker ensures smooth entry under the mast track area which minimises pitching, essential for power-on style sailing over broken water and allowing real overpower ability to extend practical range well beyond normal size limits. Slam hard into those corners, that gybe is bombproof. About as sweet as freeride gets. Modest tail kick provides hidden turbo boost when you need that extra top gear and allows the board to be trimmed out easily at speed over rough water. Moderate width and thinned tail section provide control, while careful deck profiling and contour pads provide all day comfort under the harshest freeride conditions. Maximum attack. And built to take it. Evolved in the harshest chop of Port Phillip Bay, West AUS, Maui and New Caledonia, this soon became the favourite tool in the box. The board we really wanted to ride more often. Strange enough our friends did too. Speed is nothing without control.” IAN FOX

      OUTSIDE THE BOX. The idea behind us building boards is simply to produce a better board. Better is partly design, but also construction. Most windsurf boards in the world are made in the one factory with limited options for how the boards are put together. Sure, there’s vast differences in layups and material specs but the basic way the boards are built is the same. For us, we see the first step in revolutionising board construction is to step outside that box. This allows us to experiment and develop different ways to build a better board. With IQC we are building boards very differently: high pressure compression molding produces quite different strength to weight ratios and more accurate, consistent shapes. Oversized EPS blanks apply pressure on the inside of the laminate whilst heavy concrete molds compress the outside to the exact shape of the master. There are no partially closed molds, or re-finishing differences. Strong, accurate and consistent. A better board.

      MATERIALS. Overbuilt to withstand heavy use through choppy conditions. We use a higher density sandwich layer combined with internal T-stringers to prevent rocker deformation under continuous impacts. The deck also uses a higher density sandwich and has an added bamboo layer to reduce any softening between the footstraps. Pre-laminated carbon rails are key to adding enough stiffness for responsive performance, but allowing more flexible fibreglass laminates to be used on the deck and underside to avoid a harsh ride through rough water. An added benefit of the pre-laminated carbon rails is it maintains heel integrity by vertically reinforcing that area under the heels. The susceptible nose and tail sections are massively reinforced with carbo

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