Zone3 Vision simvåtdräkt 2019 (Herr) storlek MT butiksex

Super snabb våtdräkt från zone3 inspirerad av de finaste/dyraste våtdräkterna men till ett rimligt pris. Dessutom miljövänlig produktion av neoprenet. Mer info nedan.  

Dräkten har ett antal nagelmärke som är lagat med neoprenlim. Denna typ av limning håller normalt längre än övriga dräktens livslängd. Se bilder

Specialpris: 1 897,00 kr

Ordinarie pris 2 999,00 kr

Tillgänglighet: Levtid 2-5 dagar (i lager)





  • Eco Friendly Neoprene – Utilising the latest earth mined limestone and scrap rubber tires helps us to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 200g per suit.
  • New FlexFit shoulder panel layout and Free Flex lining designed in the UK, to give even further flexibility and reach throughout the torso.
  • Great looking suit with full Speedflo coating for drag reduction.
  • Fully Stitched and Glue Bonded for increased flexibility, durability and comfort.
  • Designed with a high quality downwards YKK zip making it easy to get the suit both on and off.
  • Pro Speed Cuffs TM on the arms and the legs for improved visibility and rapid removal after your swim. Our unique silicone coated formula allows the wetsuit to come off extremely quickly, but can you beat our 5 second record? We believe this suit is faster than any other in transition
  • aximum 5mm buoyancy panels from the hips to the knees to help increase your core support in the water helping you naturally become more streamlined and swim faster and with less effort.
  • A new high stretch 2mm Free Flex shoulder panel and lining inspired by the top end Zone3 Vanquish wetsuit. This unique one-piece panel design extends across the top of the chest, over each of the shoulders and also down each side of the chest to allow for maximum expansion and rotation of the torso and increase reach in the water. Ultimately this results in significant improvements in the distance which can be achieved with each stroke, therefore improving endurance and swim speed.

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Tillverkare Zone3
Storlek MT