Zone3 Vision simvåtdräkt 2017 (Herr), endast S och ST kvar

Vision dräkten har blivit ännu mer uppgraderad jämfört med fjolårsmodellen och den största skillnaden är att även denna dräkt byggs med "extreme flex fabric" i armhålan. Dräkter har även "full speed-flo coating" och 5mm flytpanel på benen som får dräkten att upplevas som extremt komfortabel om man ska se utifrån prisbilden. Vi har Fri fraktFri Retur på våtdräkter över 1000:-. 

Specialpris: 1 497,00 kr

Ordinarie pris 2 695,00 kr

Tillgänglighet: Levtid 2-5 dagar (i lager)

* Obligatoriska fält

Specialpris: 1 497,00 kr

Ordinarie pris 2 695,00 kr





We're pleased to say that the latest version of the Vision has now become even more flexible!

Features include:

1. Full Speed-FloTM coating to minimize any drag resistance and increase speed. One of the only

fully ‘coated’ suits available at this price point.

2. A super stretchy one-piece shoulder panel which extends from elbow to elbow - a feature

which is normally only reserved for the top end wetsuits! The shoulders and arms are only

2mm thick and use a very flexible lining to allow your full range of movement and minimize

any shoulder pain.

3. Innovative new 'Extreme Flex' material used for the underarm panels to significantly

improve the distance which can be achieved with each stroke and therefore improve

endurance and swim speed.

4. Maximum 5mm buoyancy panels from the hips to the knees to help increase your core

support in the water helping you swim faster and with less effort.

5. Pro Speed Cuffs TM on the arms and the legs for improved visibility and rapid removal after

your swim. Our unique silicone coated formula allows the wetsuit to come off extremely

quickly, but can you beat our 5 second record?

6. Designed not only for performance and comfort, but also durability.

7. One of the best looking suits on the market designed with a metallic back panel for

improved visibility in the water.

8. Fully Stitched and Glue Bonded for increased flexibility, durability and comfort.

9. Designed with a high quality downwards YKK zip making it easy to get the suit both on and


The Vision is an incredibly high quality suit which is designed to be the most comfortable entry-level

wetsuit on the market and also one of the fastest and most energy efficient.

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