Surfbräda Torq Fish 6 10 Carbon Orange

Allroundebetonad fish, funkar perfekt även i ojämna förhållanden som vi ofta har i Sverige.Lättkörd men endå rapp och lättsvängd. Lätt och tålig bräda i epoxy sandwich. Kan köras både som Quad eller Trifin. Trifin uppsättning ingår. Mer info nedan.

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orq surfboards represent a revolution in Epoxy surfboard technology. Built using the latest in EPS/Epoxy materials; the torq technology combines a lightweight EPS core with Biaxial fibreglass cloth, Epoxy resin and our unique Shield Skin The high tech torq composite is constructed in the most advanced molds on the planet – precision CNC cut from a single aluminium block – creating the most perfect reproduction every time.
Our unique combination of advanced materials and high tech construction creates a board that performs at a high level – offering lightweight shapes with responsive flex – but also offers extraordinary durability and strength; ensuring your new torq surfboard will keep you stoked from your first wave to your last.

Level - 2 > Expert
Wave Height - 2 - 6 ft+
Dimensions - 6’10” x 21 3/4” x 2 3/4”
Recommended Rider Weight - 60-90kg / 130-200 lbs
Volume - 46.0 l

Construction: Epoxy EPS Moulding

The best characteristics of modern performance fish design blended into one board; wide and stable for paddling and catching waves, but featuring our V-twin bottom shape to help you get the most from your surfing.
Ride it as a Quad or Thruster and explore your possibilities.

This modern fish is built for speed – a full nose and wide mid point, with clean balanced curves leading into a wide, full throttle swallow tail.

Fin Setup:
5 Fin Futures box set up – Thruster or Quad
3 Fins supplied– Futures template F6

Bottom Shape:
A single concave entry, blending into a V with a slight double concave running all the way out through the tail. We call it the V-Twin; maximum acceleration and rail hold.

Slightly flipped nose combined with a quick entry, a fast midsection and release off the tail.
  • Size/Length
  • Width
     21 3/4
  • Height
     2 3/4
  • Volume
  • Colour
  • Finbox

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