SUP Starboard GO Lite Tech 11 2 x 32 2019

Allroundbräda från marknadsledaren Starboard. Man har med denna bräda lyckats få till mer stabilitet än man kan tro av bredden, Känns lika stabil som 2-4cm bredare bräda. Dessutom väldigt bra glid tack vare unik bottenkurva och form. Mycket bra allroundegenskaper. Nya Lite Tech-versionen erbjuder en premiumsup till riktigt bra pris. Mer info nedan. 

Specialpris: 9 998,00 kr

Ordinarie pris 11 198,00 kr

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Model12'6'' X 31'' TOURING11'2'' X 32'' GO10'8" X 31" GO10'5" x 32" WIDE POINT10'0'' X 34'' WHOPPER
Length (imperial) 12'6'' 11'2'' 10'8" 10'5" 10'0''
Length (cm) 381 cm 340.4 cm 325.1 cm 317.5 cm 304.8 cm
Width (imperial) 31'' 32'' 31" 32" 34''
Width (cm) 78.7 cm 81.3 cm 78.7 cm 81.3 cm 86.4 cm
Thickness (imperial) 7.9'' 4.7'' 4.5" 4.6" 4.3''
Thickness (cm) 20.1 cm 11.9 cm 11.5 cm 11.7 cm 10.9 cm
Tail Width (Imperial) 20.5'' 20.2'' 18" 16.6" 18.5''
Tail Width (cm) 52 cm 51 cm 45.9 cm 42.2 cm 47 cm
Volume 284 L 217 L 192 L 178 L 171 L
Rider Weight 55-110 kg 60-105 kg 55-100 kg 55-105 kg 60-110 kg
Fin Set Up Single Single Single Thruster Lite Tech
Fins Dol-fin 9'' 9'' Center: 170 / Side: 4.7'' 6.75'' / 4.7
Weight Lite Tech 13.2 kg (Est) 12.4 kg (Est) 11.7 kg (Est) 10.9 kg (Est) 10.4 kg (Est)
Bottom Shape Mono-concave Deep channel throughout Deep channel throughout Mono-concave through to double concave to V tail Mono-concave to V with double concave to tail


The 2019 Starboard GO 11’2 x 32” wide is an amazing paddleboard and quite possibly one of the most stable SUP’s we have ever paddled. Often paddleboards which are this stable have to be very wide, at least 35” which makes them feel quite cumbersome and the tracking suffers as you have to paddle ‘around’ the board. Yet the 11’2 GO’s effortless performance matches that of a SUP which is at least 3 inch narrower due to the mellow concave channel which runs down the length of the centre of this paddleboard. This result is a rewarding paddle session every time due to the Starboard GO’s ease of glide and tracking which means you can cover more distance with even greater ease.

New for 2019, we have the introduction of Starboard Lite Tech – making Starboard’s famed performance affordable to all. Selecting a 15kg/m3 precision moulded fused cell core Starboard are able to replicate the exact shape of the Starboard GO 11’2 while ensuring a strong core material which is highly water resistant while remaining hard and strong on its outer surface. Additional rigidity has been designed into the paddleboard through the introduction of unidirectional stringer bands with added rail and nose reinforcements. While Australian pine has been selected for the standing area to provide extra deck impact resistance in this critical area. Starboard’s credentials of as a leader in environmentally sound manufacturing are also featured in the Lite Tech, it’s most affordable construction, as the fin boxes are moulded with extra strong Akulon Eco, made from upcycled fishing nets, and then wrapped high density foam which it sandwiched in over a 1000 grams of glass reinforcements. The deck is also ‘green’ as it features a deck pad with crocodile skin texture made with recycled EVA from post industrial waste which actually has higher UV resistance than virgin EVA, while the handle is moulded for easy carrying and made from recycled ABS.


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