SUP Starboard Avanti ASAP 11 2 x 36 2019

Extra stabil allroundbräda från Starboard i ASAP konstruktion. Dessutom bra glid tack vare unik bottenkurva och form. Perfekt för dig som är tung eller vill ta med en eller flera passagerare.

Specialpris: 10 997,00 kr

Ordinarie pris 13 398,00 kr

Tillgänglighet: Levtid 2-5 dagar (i lager)



11’2”x36 Fun and easy glide, an incredibly stable board for heavier or multiple riders to cruise and surf.

  • Bottom shape: Mono-concave nose to V with double concave to tail concave
  • Flat standing area - For extra stability in chop.
  • Moderate tail kick - Allows for tighter turning when standing back on the tail.
  • Flat rocker - In the center provides efficient glide and speed on flats.
  • Nose kick - Prevents the nose (no-diving) getting into waves and when paddling in choppy water.
  • Wide rounded nose- Makes it stable to ride the nose like a long board and help getting into waves.
  • Diamond grooved deck pad and raised tail kick pad - for added traction & control.
  • Wide rounded tail -Improves stability and rail-to-rail turning when standing back on the tail.
  • IQ carry handle - For comfortable and easy grip.
  • Long and wide rail- Despite these boards being relatively long and wide, the rails are kept thin to make turning easy and sensitive in the waves.
  • Double concave -For sensitive rail-to-rail turning from the mid point.
  • Mono concave - Generates lift, drive and speed as it channels the water from nose to tail.
  • Vee tail -For reactive pivot turning on the tail.
  • Thruster fin set up- Provides comfortable straight line tracking on flat and gives drive and control in surf.


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