Starboard Ignite 2021 Reflex Carbon (freestyle/blast)

Freestylebräda som vunnit det mesta. Lättkörd och gör tricken enklare. Designad så att den funkar utmärkt även med vanlig fena om man vill blasta. Du får med både freestylefena och vanlig fena.

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Freewave fin and outboard footstraps; Ultra-quick to plane, with plenty of of volume thanks to its thick tail, the Ignite accelerates like a lightning bolt. Combine it with a hyper-fast top speed from its slalom rockerline, its short compact nose and you have a board made for the biggest jumps and the quickest jibes with instant exit speed. That thick tail simply floats you out of jibes at full-speed with so much ease. Switch to the supplied freestyle fin, set footstraps in their freestyle settings. The Ignite transforms into the extreme freestyle board that pops, accelerates and rotates extremely fast for easier triple-rotations. Yes, the new benchmark in PWA high performance. It’s a new shape concept, mixing freestyle and superspeed. They are shorter by a massive 13cm to make them super reactive. They have a new, faster rocker with less tail kick to boost top speed and acceleration. The maximum thickness point is now directly under your back foot and the volume distribution is more concentrated between your feet for total control.

TECHNOLOGY Carbon Reflex. Our lightest, most exclusive flagship construction that uses the lightest bi-axial.


Model 87 / 93 / 103

Length 210 cm 210 cm 210 cm

Width 60 cm 63 cm 66 cm

Weight Carbon Reflex Sandwich TBA TBA TBA

Fins 1x Ready Freestyle 18 1 x Drake Freewave 24 / 1x Ready Freestyle 19 1 x Drake Freewave 26 / 1x Ready Freestyle 21 1 x Drake Freewave 28

Fin Box Power Box / Power Box / Power Box

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Tillverkare Starboard
Brädtyp Freestyle
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