Starboard Fuselage 115cm PLUS PLUS Aluminium

Lång fuselage i aluminium, passar Starboards foil.
3 289,00 kr

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This fuselage is a special part for dedicated upwind/downwind foil racing. It is an extreme version of the 115 Plus fuselage and extremely powerful. It needs to be paired with the -2 degree 255 tail wing and set with the following recommended tail wing angle spacers:

-2 or -1.5 degree angle spacer: for upwind/downwind racing
-0.5 degree angle spacer: for super lightwind performance

Note: the recommended angle spacer indicated above is in addition to the -2 degree tail wing. So if the recommended angle spacer is -2 degree, the total tail wing angle would be reduced by a total of -4 degrees compared to standard.

Furthermore, the standard 115 fuselage and the standard 255 tail wing has a net tail wing angle of 4.5 degrees, so effectively, the 115 Plus Plus fitted with -2 degree tail wing and a -2 degree angle spacer would have a net tail wing angle of 0.5 degrees. 

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