Starboard Foil Race 2021 (Foil)

Snabbaste foilbrädan för kryss/läns bana. Dessa brädor skall du kombinera med en racefoil och segel på 8-11 kvm även om det går utmärkt även med mindre segel när man lär sig. 

30 599,00 kr

Tillgänglighet: Levtid 2-5 dagar (i lager)

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Fin or foil, from 5 knots to 35 knots, the Foil Race delivers the ultimate in windsurfing racing performance with just one board, one foil, one fin, one sail.


Yes, the concepts are the same. While the iQFoil boards needs to fit the rules of the iQFoil Class, the Foil Race can benefit from some extra advantages. The Foil Race 100 goes beyond the 95cm width of the class-legal board for the ultimate in upwind/ downwind racing performance. The Foil Race 85 shares the same shape as the iQFoil 85 but while the class-legal board is available exclusively in a budget-friendly construction, the Race Foil 85 is made in the lighter Carbon construction.


Foil Race 100 and 85: the extra-large cutaways, more than double the size of the regular Formula’s and the extremely short nose help the board to plane and take-off in the lightest winds. Once up on the foil, the thicker tails of both models provide extra leverage and control while the short noses allow them to react instantly to every input from its rider: maximise every gust, fly consistently through lulls, fly deeper downwind and tighter upwind. Heel extenders are available as an aftermarket accessory. They increase the effective width of the board in the tail to add control and increase upwind/ downwind angles.

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Tillverkare Starboard
Brädtyp Raceboard, Slalom, Speed/Slalom
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