Shark SUP Coil Leash 10 fot

SUP leash med coil som gör att leashen inte dras i vattnet när man suppar. 10 fot.

398,00 kr

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Shark StandUp Paddle Board Coil Leash 10' The Coil helps limit drag by keeping your leash up on the back of your board and out of the water. Features a double swivel urethane coiled cord, triple wrap rail saver and precision molded fittings. Also includes a bonus key stash pocket. Recommended for paddle boards 8-12 ft in length Features: Double Neoprene Cuff Non-tangle Double Swivels Molded Ends 3mm Neoprene Pad 8mm Polyurethane Coiled cord Detachable Rail Saver with Triple Velcro Lock


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