Shark SUP Adventure 12 6 x 30 (uppblåsbar)

Shark Touring i version 12'6 fot. Orsaken till att Shark är så poppulär är att den dels är byggd robustare än andra SUP:ar i denna prisklass, vi har hittills ingen som lyckats ta hål på denna bräda. Dels är den lite stabilare än de flesta andra i samma storlek då den är lite tjockare (6 tum istället för normalt 4-5). Denna bräda tar utan problem tyngre paddlare eller paddlare med passagerare. 12'6 Adventure har väldigt bra glid och riktningsstabilitet vilket gör att den lämpar sig även för längre paddelturer. Mer info nedan. Väska, högtryckpump och reparationskitt ingår. Video med recension här.

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Pris som konfigurerad: 7 397,00 kr



12'6 Touring

Never too late to enjoy the family fun with the 12'6 Touring

The best board for the bigger rider (264lbs/120kgs+) or smaller riders with a kid.

The board is 150mm thick, means that you can get supper stiff at a low pressure. It is more than 50% stiffer compare to 100mm board.

What’s in the parcel?

The 12’6 Touring comes complete with a repair kit and a backpack.

 Why an inflatable SUP?

Convenient for traveling and storage With Inflatable SUP, you can take it on a plan or car with just a sleep bag size, travelling to anywhere without worrying about storage space or extra pay for air ticket. Easy to store, just deflate and roll it up, you can put it into your closet or leave it in you car for the unexpected paddling opportunities that a hard board would never do.

Better durability and Safer An inflatable SUP board will never go cracked, snapped, dinged, or damaged in the same manner as a hard board, because it is constructed of PVC drop stitch. For this reason it can be a great chose for those who love paddling and use it extensively in an extreme condition such as rocks, hot sun, kids misuse. An inflatable SUP will be much less temperamental and have no long lasting negative effects.

No maintenance required and last longer Do not need to pay much attention on the board maintenance; the board will take care itself! Its life span is as long as a very good quality inflatable boat because they are almost used the same technique and material. 

Why Shark SUP?

Top Quality

 Only the best material can be used on the “Shark SUP”.  

Deck and bottom have 0.7mm 1000 Denier polyester plain weave laminate over the 500 Denier dropstitch material, making the hull extra strong and stiff.

Rails with 0.5mm 500 Denier polyester plain weave, secures 100% air tightness covered by robust bi-axial 0.7mm 1000 Denier polyester mesh, for additional stiffness.