Ocean sunglasses McKinley

Supersköna skidglasögon med 3lager foam för bästa passform och värme. 100% UV skydd.  Mer info nedan. 

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Ordinarie pris 999,00 kr

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Mc Kinley snow goggles are engineered in such a way that we are sure they will exceed all your expectations. The dual spherical lens with anti-fog system of these snow goggles offers a wide panoramic vision and a high optic performance thanks to the photochromic lens. Mc Kinley snow goggles have the most versatile lens designed to adjust automatically to all light conditions. The three layer foam of these snow goggles will keep your face warm and you will feel them incredibly comfy. Thanks to their high quality photochromatic lens and anti-reflective technology, Mc Kinley snow goggles provides 100% UV protection.

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