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2013-05-22 09:37

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220 Triathlon Magazine Juni 2012

Orca S4

90% – Best Buy

The most affordable suit in 220 Triathlon's. After the popularity of the entry-level S3, Orca have somewhat predictably brought out the, wait for it… S4 in 2012. It now features hydro-stroke forearm panels to enhance your catch, speed transition panels in the lower calf for a quick exit, 2mm underarm rubber to enhance flexibility and, thankfully, keeps the nifty little car key holder just inside the zipper.

Once again, Orca have excelled in producing a suit that punches above its price tag in terms of looks, performance and durability. Okay, so it’s a little heavier than some of the really expensive suits on test and flexibility isn’t quite as good around the shoulders, but overall it’s easily as good as a top of the range offering from five years ago and costs less than half the price.

As ever, how the suit fits you will dictate whether it’s a great choice, but assuming you’re proportioned relatively normally, you won’t go far wrong.

Awarded ’220 Triathlon’s Best Buy‘ for 2012 wetsuits.

Verdict. Good performance makes this an excellent budget option. 90%


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