Drops slalomframgångar

2007-11-22 01:00

Drops Slalomframgångar på Gardasjön

Francesco Prati tog förstaplatsen på sin Drops Glider 126.




Torbole, 18-19 August 2007.

48 participants at the Michele Nogler Trophy, of which 30 were racers and 18 freeriders. There were rankings for both individuals and teams, with no restriction on equipment for the racers and with a max. sail size of 7.3 for freeriders and women. The slalom course was placed between the 2 edges of the lake with start and finish lines right next to the beach, for the joy of all spectators.

Once again after the experience of the 1 Hour competition professional sailors such as Fauster, Cucchi, Menegatti and Prati competed alongside freeriders that just took part just for fun

The first day of competition the classic Garda wind, the "Ora" seemed to forget about it's duty and just produced the occasional gust.

Everything was postponed to the following day and the racers settled down to a nice dinner at the Circolo Surf Torbole.

On the Sunday the first start was called for 13.30 with the wind blowing between 12 and 15 knots. After a lightning start Menegatti took the lead ahead of Prati and Fauster. Menegatti kept the lead for the entire race and wins, whilst Fauster managed to overtake Prati during the last 20 m before the finish line taking 2nd place ahead of Prati, Langer and Iachino.

The wind started to play around and became very unstable. In spite of this the competitors kept practicing but without any great results.

At 4 oclock the wind finally smoothed out making it possible to start the 2nd race. Just at the start the wind seems to drop off, but soon after the competitors were fully planing towards the boy at the other end of the lake. Prati reached the boy first, chased at a close distance by Brunet and Fauster and then Altabella, Tezzele and Langer. During the last leg the positions remain the same.

Francesco Prati won the Michele Nogler Trophy with a 3rd and a 1st place using an 8.7 ac1 Point-7 and a Drops Glider 126

The team race was won by the CST team formed by Prati, Fauster and Menegatti.

First 5 positions:

1.                   Prati Francesco                ITA-10          Drops, Point-7

2.                   Fauster Thomas               ITA-106        F2, North

3.                   Brunet Ivano                      ITA-201        F2, Point-7

4.                   Langer Vincent                 GER-122     Starboard, Simmer

5.                   Altabella Rudy                   ITA-89          Exocet, Gaastra

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