Mystic KRS Safety spreader bar

Säkraste kroken på marknaden, du kan med ett enkelt handgrepp lösa ut hela kroken, och enkelt återställa den igen. Bra gjort Mystic. Mer info nedan.

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Mystic introduces a new development in the field of safety with the launch of the KRS Safety Spreader Bar! This product comes from the idea that the kite release system should be standardized for the safety of kitesurfing. Nowadays, all systems are different and this makes it confusing in overall use. The new release system is located on the left side of your harness, always within easy reach. A simple pull on the release handle and the hook comes loose from the bar. With a simple maneuver , the hook can be reapplied and you are able to continue your kite session. This is product perfect for kiters who think about their safety, but also very usable for beginners. With this safety product Mystic tries to make the sport accessible for a larger number of people. Let's make the sport as safe as possible!

Technical Features: • Multi Hook • Covered With Foam At The Inside • Stainless Steel Spreaderbar • Spreaderdown Loop • Integrated Knife Pocket KRS Safety Spreader Bar -

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