Kona One Air 11 5 2019 (uppblåsbar)

Ny finns Kona One konceptet även i uppblåsbar variant. Uppblåsbar vindsurfingbräda med bra allroundprestanda. Funkar både för SUP och Vindsurf. Mått: 11'5 lång, 31" bred och 6" tjock, 291 liter. Vikt 9,5 kg.

Specialpris: 7 997,00 kr

Ordinarie pris 9 988,00 kr

Tillgänglighet: Levtid 2-5 dagar (i lager)

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Specialpris: 7 997,00 kr

Ordinarie pris 9 988,00 kr



Maxtryck 25 psi men normalt pumpas den 15-17 psi. Ryggsäck och pump ingår.

Längd: 11’5″ (348cm)

Bredd: 31″ (79 cm)

Tjocklek: 6″ (15,2 cm)

Volym: 291L

Vikt:  9.5 kg
Text från Kona:

Kona One Air

A dedicated windsurfer or in the start of your windsurfing career? The KonaOne Air paddleboard has been totally designed to match the performance of the classic KonaOne.
We took the unique proven longboard concept shape and expanded the width slightly to increase the stability. It is designed to easily give the first thrills of windsurfing.

The KonaOne Air has enough width for stability and the right length for perfect glide and acceleration sensations. It comes with a central and tail fins specially designed for inflatable windsurfing. The deck area has been kept smooth and clean, so you can practice your tacks and gibes without tripping. The center and tail fin are positioned perfectly to work together and balance the pressure from the sail. This means going upwind and downwind is easy and controllable.

The smaller tail fin also makes technical tacking and gybing maneuvers easier to learn. Last but not least the classic Kona One shape is great for paddle boarding and has one of the best glide numbers in the range. The board have been used for stand up paddling even before we knew the name Stand Up Paddleboard, proving its exceptional all-round applicability depending on conditions and settings. No matter if you want to go paddle boarding or windsurfing this board will cover your needs.

  • Premium fin
  • Centre handle for easy carrying
  • Deck elastics and attachment points
  • Windsurfing attachment
  • Double side wall and pin line Tow ring in front
  • Center Fin
  • Kona Double Action pump
  • Backpack for storing and carrying


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