Futures QD2 3.75 Quad Rears Blackstix Turquoise

2 pack fenor, perfekt som det mindre fenparet för exempelvis quadbrädor.Future box. 

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Futures QD2 3.75 Blackstix Quad Rear Surfboard Fins in Turquoise | NEW Futures Futures Single Tab Fins
Brand: Futures
Product Type: Futures Single Tab Fins
Size: Small Fins

  • Perfect Partner for your Blackstix Front Fins
  • Size Small (105lb - 155lb) (47kg - 70kg)
  • Rear Quad Fins - (comes with 2 rear fins)
  • Blackstix 3.0 Construction
  • 80:20 FOIL
  • Ride Number 8.2/10 - Speed Generating
  • Turquoise Blue Colour

The Futures QD2 3.75 Blackstix Rear Quad Fins are perfect if you're looking to turn your Blackstix Thruster set into a Quad? These quad rears feature with Futures 80/20 foil are great for technical manoeuvres and generating a ton of speed. The QD2 4.0 also feature a variation of the Blackstix 3.0 asymmetrical construction layup to provide a flex that compliments their front fin counterparts. They also look incredible with the turquoise blue base.

80:20 FOIL
The 80:20 Foil is a balance between a flat and symmetrical foil. This allows you to get vertical on the face of the wave and hold you through a drawn out bottom turn.

Blackstix have a flexible Carbon Fibre tip that loads up and releases energy for generating speed when you need it. These are the lightest fins in the Futures line.

HEIGHT: 3.76"
BASE: 3.71"
AREA: 10.73"

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