Eleveight Master C+ 2021 kitebräda (Preformance Freeride)

Variant av Master med där biaxalfibern bytts ut mot kolfiber.  Drömbräda för dig som vill ta eller redan tagit kiten till nästa nivå med mer avancerade hopp och freestylemoves. 139x42, 142x43. Det ingår fenor.

7 359,00 kr

Tillgänglighet: Levtid 2-5 dagar (i lager)

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The Master V2 C+ is the lightest and most performant freeride to freestyle crossover twintip in our line up. The new low-density Paulownia wood core, coated with superior Spread Tow Carbon - a high-tech fabric with exceptional properties in both stretch and compression - creates an outstanding flex. It allows the C+ to hold the edge longer, cushion hard landings, and pop more powerful. The board features our new beveled rails: a varying thickness of the rails along the board’s outline. In the tips and the center, the rail profile is leaner to generate more speed while also improving the release. Furthermore, the board comes equipped with our innovative Parabolic Rail Shape technology (PRS). The tucked-under-rail supports upwindtravel, runs through chop more comfortably, and redirects spray. For optimal linear flex between center and rails, we reduced the thickness of the board’s tips.

● Super lightweight high-performance freeride to freestyle twin tip ● Spread Tow Carbon lamination for a precise and responsive ride ● Innovative parabolic rails for better rail grip and upwind ability ● Varying beveled rails optimize flex, speed, and pop ● Multi-stage rocker for better pop and smooth landings


Master C+ is an insane board of superior excellency. It delivers unchallenged performance for all riding styles.

CHANGES for 2021
● Entirely new 3D top mold with a refined structure ● Beveled rails at various positions, optimizing flex pattern for more speed and an easy release ● New innovative Parabolic Rail Shape technology, a tucked-under-edge for more grip and better upwind abilities ● Reduced thickness in the tips for improved linear flex from the center to rails for more responsiveness and faster turning ● 100 % eco-friendly and plastic-free packaging

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