Eleveight FS V3 Kite 2020 (Freestyle/Freeride)

Nya FS designad av legenden Peter Stiewe har flertalet förbättringar. Mer high aspect ratio och delvis nya material ger en snabbare och lättare kite med mer boost. FS funkar både för dig som vill sätta nya trick och för dig som vill freeride. Mer info nedan.

Specialpris: 11 997,00 kr

Ordinarie pris 14 198,00 kr

Tillgänglighet: Levtid 2-5 dagar (i lager)

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Specialpris: 11 997,00 kr

Ordinarie pris 14 198,00 kr



Our high-performance FSeries kite is tailored to suit the needs of advanced freestyle and
big air riders. Its Open-C design comes with all the advantages of a true C-kite such as
direct control, line slack and a wide angle-of-attack for powerful loops. The kite stands out
with an improved lift, stability and is accessible to handle. The low to medium swept wing
tips provide extra power, which, in combination with the kite’s high aspect ratio and ultraresponsive
turning, results in staggering boosts. Among other changes, for the FSeries’
third generation we upgraded the leading edge and strut material to the high-end XT
cloth made by Techno Force™ and introduce an increased angle-of-attack as well as a
higher aspect ratio and thinner struts. Our new five-point bridle system increases stability
and reduces kite twist while an additional trim option allows customization of the turning
behavior. The FS is an all-star power machine that tears down limits.

● Five strut Open-C design
● High-performance kite to excel in freestyle and big air
● High aspect ratio for explosive lift
● Medium to low sweep provides power and grunt
● Plenty of line slack simplifies freestyle tricks
● Good upwind performance and great stability
● New bridle system with added trim option for customized performance
● Superior materials like X4 canopy and XT cloth made by Techno Force™

The FS is a true performance powerhouse made to go big. It combines leading materials,
experienced craftsmanship, and cutting edge design.

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