Best Smack Pro 5 10 kitebräda (butiksex)

Smack Pro är perfekt för dig som söker den bästa vågbrädan för stora och medelstora vågor. Klassisk vågshape med smala rails som ger fantastiskt grepp i svängen. Brädorna handbyggs i Portugal med de bästa materialen, Polyester basterad layup med Tuff-Tech Ballistic laminat som ger oslagbar kombination av slagtålighet men endå rätt flex och känsla. Du väljer själv om du vill köra helt utan pads med vax, eller med bara pads eller med pads och stroppar. Inkluderat pads, 3 fenor. Mått 5’10 x 18 5/8 x 2 3/16. OBS butiksex så kan ha nån mindre repa eller skav.

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Specialpris: 5 897,00 kr

Ordinarie pris 7 999,00 kr



Own the big waves

The Smack Pro takes our classic shortboard theme and improves every piece of the puzzle. With a hand finished PU foam core and our ultra durable Tuff-Tech Ballistic Mesh lay-up the Smack Pro majors on flex and feel underfoot while delivering outrageous durability. With sharp rails and a single concave to give you control for biting turns and rail to rail transfers the Smack Pro lets you handle the speed and power into your turns in control like no other production board. A Thruster fin set-up double glassed into a Future style fin box penetrates deep into the core, making sure you’ll always be able to balance fin drive and rail bite for maximum control in any conditions.

Delivered with a full set of deck pads you can wax and go, ride it with a full deck pad set-up or even add your favourite straps, the choice is yours. With an optimized volume distribution that is designed specifically for kiting in larger waves the Smack Pro lets you experience pure wave performance. If you know how much better a hand finished board can feel you owe it to yourself to ride the new wave with a Smack Pro.

  • Tuff-Tech Ballistic Mesh, impact resistant and massively durable
  • Classic short board shape for powerful waves
  • PU Core and Hand Finished polyester lay-up
  • Rounded narrow tail for rail to rail surfing
  • Thruster fin set-up for perfect carving
  • Size 5’10 x 18 5/8 x 2 3/16

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